Nice to meet you!


Hey, hey! My name is Kaitie and I live in beautiful rural Kentucky with my husband, Jordan, and our daughter, Ruby! Samson will be joining us in the very near future (March!) and we are over the moon excited to grow our family. I am a stay-at-home mamawho is obsessed with sewing and quilts. 🧵 I dabble in watercolors and that’s most likely what I’m doing if I’m not at my sewing machine! If you’ve never met me, then you might be surprised to learn I’m 6’1″. My husband is even taller, so we’re basically a bunch of giants around here! My love language (after fabric of course) is food. That’s me in a nutshell! Family, fabric, and food! I want to hear where all my followers are from!! Tell me below and if you’re a quilter, who is your favorite designer?