Village Crossing QAL Week 1

Welcome to the first week of the Village Crossing Quilt Along!

This week we are pulling our fabrics, cutting into them, and mixing up our blocks. This is probably my favorite part, other than the very end when you have a finished quilt!

So, here we go!

First – make sure you have purchased the pattern in my shop here. It’s on sale through the end of tonight!
Second – the required size to be eligible for prizes is the 64″x 64″ quilt, which is 16 blocks. I am doing a 20 block quilt because I like mine rectangular in shape and also because my family is a bunch of giants and I don’t want our feet sticking out the bottom of the quilt. 
Third – You will need as many fat quarters as blocks you are making. If you are using half yards then you will need half as many as blocks you are making. 16 fat quarters = 16 blocks and 8 half yards = 16 blocks.
Fourth – This week’s prizes are a $30 gift card to Hawthorne Supply Co. and a 100% cotton throw size of Quilter’s Dream batting. 
Fifth– Use the hashtag #villagecrossingqal when posting to Instagram, along with any other relevant hashtags. If your account is private, then the post will not be available for me to see. Consider making your account public for the duration of the quilt along or you may e-mail me your weekly photo to still be eligible for prizes.

Choosing your fabric:

Pre-cut bundles are a great option for this pattern. It takes all the thinking and decision making out of the equation. When using a curated bundle, whether it’s from a shop who has pulled from different fabric lines or if it’s all from the same designer’s line, you are going to get a very cohesive look.

If you are pulling your own fabrics (so much fun!) then these are my recommendations. Choose 3-4 colors and expand your gradient within each color. If you’re doing 16 blocks (16 fat quarters), then you would need 4 different fabrics for each of the 4 colors you were using. Within each color choice, you should have a light, medium, and dark fabric. You will also want to to have a good mix of prints – busy print, medium busy, and blender. Solids aren’t my favorite to work with, because I love to stare at prints when sewing, but they do make some gorgeous quilts! Should you be using solids, make sure you have an equal amount of lights, mediums, and darks.

Cutting your fabric:

You should find cutting diagrams for fat quarters and half yards on page 3 of the pattern. If you’re comfortable cutting, then feel free to stack your fabrics and cut multiples to save time. 

If you are using directional fabric and care to keep them going in the same direction, you only have to worry about Fabric B rectangles. You will need to cut 2 horizontal and 2 vertical. If you don’t care about the direction of your fabric then no adjustment is needed.

Mixing up your blocks:

Your color fabrics are going to be Fabric B, C, and E. When mixing up your blocks, you will want to keep a ratio of 2:1 or 1:1:1. This gives you a few options. (2 darks/1 light) (2 darks/1 medium) (2 mediums/1 dark) (2 mediums/1 light) (2 lights/1 dark) (2 lights/1 medium) (1 dark/1 medium/1 light.) I don’t recommend using all dark or all light on one single block. All medium in one block will likely look okay as it isn’t too harsh and would still blend well with the rest of your blocks. These are some fabrics I pulled from my stash that I believe represent a good mix of prints. 

Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

I am so excited to see all the different versions on Instagram.
Happy fabric cutting and mixing!