Goals for 2019!

Who has their goals written down for the next year?! Personally, putting pen to paper is the best method for me. Mostly because I can refer back to them in a physical place, rather than trying to rack my brain two weeks into January and coming up with nothing. So thankful to have my trusty Quilter’s Planner!! Not only is it a yearly planner, but HELLO – quilty content. I have three major goals I plan to focus on in 2019.

1) Get out of the house more! I am such a homebody and am the worst about getting out and about. My weekly trip to the grocery is plenty for me. Taking more trips to the park, checking out our new public library, and enrolling Ruby in dance class are just a few of the things I plan to incorporate into our routine.

2) Read 12 books this coming year! I used to read as a kid all the time, but as soon as adult life kicked in, books were put on the back burner. Sure, I’ve bought plenty to read, but finishing them has been a struggle. I get distracted and have what I call “squirrel brain” and now also “mom brain.” I think the majority of what I’ll be reading will be self-help because you feel like a freakin’ rockstar when reading them. At least in my experience!

3) Save the best for last, right? I am a dreamer through and through. That will never change. 2019 will be the year I release my first quilt patterns! It’s in the works y’all!! There are several steps, but one of them is to get my hands on EQ8 from the Electric Quilt Company. I’m throwing around ideas on how I should do the releases – single or group releases, BOM, sampler style, the list goes on. Basically, you just need to be on your toes because it’s going to be so much fun!

I can’t wait to see all the changes coming, but most importantly we will be welcoming baby Samson! I hope big sister Ruby is ready for her new role!

I’ve never been much of a writer, unless it was something I felt passionate or strongly about. Here’s to the new year and may it be everything you have hoped, worked, and prayed for it to be!

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